Jacob Tischler - Playwright

Elizabeth Nearing - Director

2011 CMU Playground Cast

Adam Reilly - Brantley

Alexandra Spieth - Darla

Chris Douglass - George

David Patterson - The Stranger

Emily Koch - Velma

Ginna Levine - Bunny

Lachlan McKinney - Melvin

Live Happy is a dark comedy written primarily in rhyming iambic couplets. The play focuses on a fantastical civilization secluded from normal society, where negative emotions have been completely eradicated from the day to day. All is peaches, cream, and raw bunnies, until one man happens on the town by accident. His flawed nature reintroduces the denizens of the town to jealousy, lust, and anger, and the consequences are mortally humorous and surprising. 

What It Is