"Jacob Scott Tischler performs one show-stealer after another. Making his OTC debut, he threw his body all over the stage in “Make ‘Em Laugh” and wowed us in “Moses Supposes.” I bet Donald O’Connor would have approved of this talented triple threat."

-DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Tischler captures the outlandishly acrobatic joie de vivre of “Make ‘Em Laugh” without hurting himself"


"Tischler captures the second banana role and is nothing short of terrific in his big number, “Make ‘Em Laugh.” 

-MD Theatre Guide

"It speaks to the actor’s committed performance as Hollywood musician Cosmo Brown that the standout number in the Olney Theatre Center production is not the title song...but rather Cosmo’s tour de force tune, “Make ’Em Laugh.” It’s a lung-bursting display of sheer vaudevillian prowess."

-The Washington Post


"Jacob Tischler as Tony Manero played the role with heart and sang with impressive vocals. He was not merely a John Travolta impersonator. The dancing was acrobatic but Mr. Tischler was effortless in his execution."

"At no point is there a feeling that Tischler’s Tony Manero is a caricature or a cheap impersonation of Travolta. He truly does make the character a unique representation."

-Pillow Talking

"Jacob Tischler did an excellent job as Tony. He made the part his own and his talent was evident whether acting, energetic dancing, or singing. He conveyed Tony’s emotions with animated body language, facial expressions, and tone and just oozed attitude. His performance of “Tragedy” was outstanding."

-DC Metro Theater Arts

"Jacob Tischler is staying alive and hot beyond Travolta"


"Jacob Tischler is a youthful ball of energy. He springs to his feet and leaps over obstacles; even quicksand seems no match for him. Tischler's earnest grin encourages us to root for him."

- Seven Days VT

"As Sir Henry Baskerville and several other characters, Tischler is, by turns, charming, clueless and love struck."

- Valley News

"Tischler deserves serious recognition as the comic relief who delivered each joke and punch line flawlessly. The audience laughed each time they were predictably supposed to, and were rooting for Jimmy and Gloria's love story."

- Edge Media Network

"Tischler dominates the stage every time he is on."


"Jacob Tischler has a surpisingly stunning voice for a secondary character."